The project called Animatronic robotic hand aims to develop easily manufacturable robotic hand that could mimic as many moves of human hand as possible. The primary use would be to use it as a hand for robots. One day it might help people handle hazardous materials and could be used it manufacturing processes to enhance the reliability and profitability of production.


The entire robotic hand was printed on a homemade 3D printer back in the year 2015. Even earlier the first version of robotic hand was made from wood. Current version has proven itself to be able to grasp various objects and manipulate with them. This version is driven by servo motors, but the future versions might use air muscles. I am planning to get back working on this project in March 2017 and hopefully make it perform even better.


The robotic hand mimics the moves made with a glove with bend sensors. The first bend sensors used piezoresistive effect.
They performed well but weren't stable on the long run. So I have replaced them with self made optical fibre sensors that can be seen on the picture below.


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